Contraceptives Make Money

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Contraceptives make big money for multi-national companies for the contraceptives that health workers give out free to young people.  Leading condom brand ‘Durex’ support sex education programs which promote ‘safer sex’ and increase demand for their product.  Its no wonder chastity is rarely put up as a serious option in sex education classes.

‘Sex and Sensibility’ is a new resource going in to secondary schools. The impression is given all through the material that condoms remove the risk of getting sexually-transmitted diseases. The pupil book even advises: “Use a condom when giving (slang term for oral sex).” (p41)

In a chilling passage on page 21 of the teachers’ book, teachers are advised: “Some may be tempted to tell their class that the only way to avoid STIs (and pregnancy) completely is to avoid sex and foreplay; there is no way that your pupils will take this seriously, so instead emphasise the importance of using condoms and taking care of one’s sexual health.”

The Sex and Sensibility resource was produced with advice from leading condom manufacturer Durex.

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