Genital Warts

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Genital Warts – caused by HPV – are incurable.  you may be told that they are treatable – of course they are!  It’s just that the treatment doesn’t get rid of the infection.  The warts re-occur – for life.  They know you think ‘treatable’ means ‘curable’ – but it doesn’t.

On the Marie Stopes ‘likeitis’ website, they say: ‘Most sexually transmitted diseases are treatable’ ‘Most’ can be anything over 50% of course. Now, what’s this word ‘treatable’? They know you think ‘treatable’ means ‘curable’. But it doesn’t. STD’s have been treatable for thousands of years – it’s just that the treatments didn’t work as a cure then and they don’t now. Chlamydia – being bacterial – can be cured by antibiotics, but by that time it’s usually too late: the damage to the fallopian tubes has been done. As the website admits: ‘Most people do not get any symptoms.’ If you don’t have any symptoms, why would you go to an STD clinic? Does any school teach girls that teenage sex has a good chance of making them infertile and they just won’t know until they start trying in vain to have children of their own? That, after all, is the truth. The Health Select Committee of MPs concluded last year that Britain is at ‘a sex disease crisis point’:;sessionid=ZOAT3QR0HWO5ZQFIQMGCM5OAVCBQUJVC?xml=/news/2003/06/11/nstd11.xml
‘England’, they said, ‘Is currently witnessing a rapid decline in its sexual health.’  And England isn’t alone.  As health workers give out ever more free condoms in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the whole United Kingdom is witnessing an epidemic of disease and infertility.

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